Mika Starbuck Receives CORD Award

This week we’re sharing CORD stories from Mika and Jessica. Read Mika’s below!

Mika Starbuck, Graduate in Hotel & Restaurant Administration

Recent OSU Hotel and Restaurant Administrationgraduate and Elk City resident, Mika Starbuck, received the CORD this spring. Starbuck has served 565 community service hours as an OSU undergraduate.  Many of her hours were spent serving as the co-director of Performers on the Rise, which focused on helping autistic children.

Her service experiences helped her gain an understanding of what helping others looks like, how it makes those served feel, and satisfaction in her work, she said.

“I began to become thankful for such humbling experiences that allowed me to see that serving others changes attitudes, perspectives, can really make a difference in not only others’ lives, but in my life as well,” Starbuck said.

Starbuck plans to continue to volunteer throughout the rest of her life, because engaging in community service is a way of life, she said.

“Some of my service memories are my favorite ones of being at OSU.”

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