What We Do

Meet OSU’s #1 fan of volunteerism and service – the Service-Learning Volunteer Center. We’re glad you decided to check us out!

So… what the heck do we actually do?  What’s with the super long name? Why do we think we need a blog? Where can you find us? Why should you even care?

Our Job

We connect students with both on- and off-campus volunteering and service-learning opportunities. We’re pretty sure we have one of the best jobs on campus – meeting community needs through the collaboration of our dedicated, enthusiastic and caring Cowboy student leaders.

Several non-profits and other organizations come to us requesting student volunteers, and our students have responded enthusiastically to help meet groups’ needs. We work in three major areas: volunteerism, service-learning and civic engagement. Students aren’t limited in what and where they can do to serve – if they’re inspired and committed, we’ll do our best to help them get involved.

We serve as an excellent volunteering and service resource for students. In fact, we’re funded by student fees because 25 years ago OSU students decided they wanted (and needed) a volunteer resource center. So, you (our students) are our #1 client. We’re here for you, why wouldn’t you ask us for guidance? It’s what we do.

Our History & Mission

Oklahoma State University’s Service-Learning Volunteer Center has been serving OSU students since 1984.  Originally housed in Human Environmental Sciences for several years, the Center moved to Student Government in the 1990s, and then eventually moved to Campus Life. Students now support the Center through student fees at $.10 per credit hour.

Our mission is to provide leadership for Oklahoma State University students by offering interactive and meaningful service learning activities, providing research opportunities and connecting with society to promote the general welfare of its citizens.

Our Name

So you understand the “volunteer” part, but what is “service-learning?” According to the Corporation for National & Community Service, service-learning is a “method of teaching, learning and reflecting that combines academic classroom curriculum with meaningful service…” It’s participatory learning, which means you are an active participant in the learning process through serving and reflecting on your experiences. It’s a transformative learning process that broadens and deepens your understanding and perspective of the world.

For instance, if you’re in a gerontology class (studying the aging process), your instructor may require that you spend at least an hour a week volunteering at Westhaven Nursing Home by spending time with Ruthie Sweetwood (fictional name), then you journal about your experience. Your understanding and perspective of aging is deepened through your interactions with Ms. Sweetwood and the Westhaven staff.

President Burns Hargis actually said that he wanted participatory learning to be in most of OSU’s classrooms within the next ten years, so the SLVC has been busy trying to form those connections between faculty and community partners to make it happen. Service-learning plays a huge role in OSU’s SLVC.

Blogging Around

We thought a blog would best communicate the ever-evolving and expanding list of volunteer opportunities as they arise. We also wanted to offer an opportunity for our students to share some of their volunteering experiences with others. It’s a starting point for initiating conversations about volunteerism and collaboration. Check this blog for announcements about volunteering opportunities and students’ experiences. To submit volunteer opportunity information or stories of your own volunteering experiences, e-mail us at sunilkumar.lakkakula@okstate.edu.

Get Connected

Like we’ve already said, the SLVC is here to serve you. Plus, our CORD program is designed to recognize devoted undergraduate and graudate student volunteers. If you’ve served at least 400 hours during your undergrad years and 300 hours during your grad years, then you qualify for an honorary orange cord when you graduate. Plus, you’ve got these hours of community service to plug into your resume, which also means you’ve developed some amazing soft skills. These include:

  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-discipline
  • Networking skills
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Specialized skills
  • Leadership skills
  • And more!

You’re not only graduating with a degree and a fancy graduation cord, you’re also graduating with some incredible leadership experiences – which means employers really, really want to meet you. No cardboard box home for you! Hurrah!

You can also volunteer for other amazing awards and recognition, which are further explained here.

Record Your Hours

In order to qualify for the CORD or receive recognition for your volunteerism, you must record your hours on Campus Link. Directions are found here. Do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Where to Find Us

We’re currently located in 008 Classroom Building (yes, it has a basement) and can be reached at 405-744-5145 or jmont@okstate.edu.

3 responses to “What We Do

  1. Today I have just posted information regarding our annual fundraiser Golf Tournament. Could you please post or link our website/Facebook page to promote it. Also we are in need of any volunteers that would like to assist in helping with the tournament. Linda Parks is our contact person for this. She can be reached at 405 377-3380.

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