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International Service-Learning Opportuni

International Service-Learning Opportunity in Lebanon

Please note: Since this is the K-12 S-L listserv, please note that only youth who are 18-30, graduating seniors, university students, or university graduates are eligible. Of course, that means that K-12 teachers and administrators who are 18-30 would be most welcome!

The Learning to CARE Institute in Lebanon is organizing the Heritage Volunteer Program, a very special three week eco-voluntour program (June 25th through July 16th) for youth (18-30) that will give participants an inside view of Lebanon’s social, historical, and environmental heritage. While the program will have a number of features especially designed for youth from Lebanese emigrant communities abroad, it is also open to youth living in Lebanon and youth without any Lebanese heritage. All participants must be entering or current university students or university graduates.

Participants will learn about Lebanese culture and history, gain a better understanding of the Lebanese migration experience, see many different areas of the country, and make their own contribution to Lebanese society. Participants will stay in three different base camps for a week each, and have the chance to get to know the three major geographic and cultural components of Lebanon – the mountains with their traditional villages, the central valley that is the agricultural heartland of Lebanon, and the urban coastline.

This is an ideal program for those who want to complete university service-learning requirements since it incorporates all the elements of quality service-learning: integrated learning, genuine service, collaboration, youth voice, civic responsibility, evaluation, and reflection.While at each base camp, participants will engage in at least 15 hours of structured learning for a total of at least 45 hours for the whole program. There will also be at least 15 hours of volunteering while at each base camp, for a total of at least 45 hours for the program. And from each base camp the group will go on tours of historical, cultural, and natural sites in that area.

For more information see

Patricia Nabti, PhD, CVA
Learning to CARE Institute
Beirut, Lebanon
+961-1-560993 +961-3-757098

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New Foundations Charter School is now recruiting VISTA members for the 2012-2013 year

NFCS is a K-12 public charter school located in the Holmesburg section of Northeast Philadelphia. NFCS was established in 2000 as a k-8 school with a mission to provide students with the academic, social, and emotional foundations and skills necessary to become high achieving, socially competent stewards of their communities. For the past 12 years, NFCS has been making academic strides to become one of the top performing schools within Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania. NFCS is nationally known for it’s strong service learning programs and has been recognized for accomplishments in the areas of healthy living, out of school time, and career development.

NFCS is looking for VISTA members who have a high school diploma, strong communication skills, ability to manage various tasks and work as part of a team, and have experience working with youth. VISTA members at NFCS will specifically focus on:

§ Healthy Living: Includes promoting fresh produce, coordinating nutrition activities, supporting school gardens, and organizing pregnancy and STD prevention activities.

§ College and Career Development: Includes developing a college resource center, coordinating career preparation activities, providing career exploration resources to teachers, and assisting students navigate post-secondary opportunities.

§ Resource Building: Includes developing program partnership, seeking out new program opportunities, writing press releases, and maintaining communication with the school community about important events and happenings.

§ Service Learning: Includes supporting teacher integration of service learning, developing resources on various topics, fostering youth leadership, and creating opportunities for youth service.

Take this chance to join the team at New Foundations Charter School!

Apply to be a VISTA today! (Term of service is August 2012- July 2013)
**VISTA members receive a living allowance, health insurance, child care subsidy, and an education award at the end of their service term.**

For more info, email your resume and cover letter to by Friday, May 11th, 2012

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“Tee It Up For Teens”

8th Annual Golf Classic
“Tee It Up For Teens”

Ways you can participate include:
• becoming a hole sponsor
• playing in the event
• sponsoring a team
• volunteering at the event
• providing donated goods or services to be used as prizes, raffle items or to fill goody bags for the golfers.

Please check the link for the event flyer and registration form

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Cortney Hicks Receives CORD Award

We shared Justin’s CORD story earlier this week, read Cortney’s story below!

Cortney Hicks, graduate in Educational Leadership Studies: College Student Development

Recent OSU graduate and Stillwater resident, Cortney Hicks, received the OSU CORD this past spring. She graduated with a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership Studies with an emphasis in College Student Development.

Hicks has served 450 community service hours as an OSU graduate student. Many of her hours were spent volunteering with the Stillwater Church of Christ, Service-Learning Volunteer Center Ambassadors, OSU Communications Networking Expo, and the Stillwater Family YMCA Operation Weight Loss program.

Hicks said that she was most proud of the outcomes that have resulted from her involvement and coordination with the local YMCA and OSU Expo.

“It’s impressive what a small group of people can accomplish if they’re passionate and dedicated. Both of these programs have become sustainable programs that I hope will continue to positively influence others for a long time to come.”

Her experiences at OSU have positively impacted her personal growth in empathy, communication skills, time management, leadership skills, and understanding of others, she said. Hicks advised her fellow and future students to start serving.

“OSU offers students numerous opportunities to get connected, start serving and become leaders,” she said.

“College life is an adventure – get on the right path by seeking service opportunities and challenges. Eventually, you’ll realize that you’re becoming the person you always hoped you would be.”

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Chelsea Muncil Receives CORD Award

Earlier this week, we shared Laurel’s CORD story. Read Chelsea’s story here!

Chelsea Muncil, Graduate in Marketing

Chelsea Muncil, recent OSU Marketing graduate and Sugar Land, TX, resident, received the CORD this past spring.

Muncil has served 409 community service hours as an OSU undergraduate.  Many of her hours were spent with Relay for Life, Up Til Dawn, Payne County Youth Shelter, Children’s Miracle Network, Stillwater Humane Society, EbenGroup, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Her experiences with each of these organizations helped her gain awareness about the world around her and improve her time management, communication and leadership skills.

OSU provides students with multiple ways to participate in events and activities, she said.

“Serving helps build character and responsibility throughout college,” Muncil said.

“I am proud to wear orange to any event in which I am serving.”

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Laurel Tegland Tree Receives CORD Award

Laurel Tegland Tree, Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine

Recent OSU graduate and Akron resident, Laurel Tegland Tree, was honored for her commitment to community service by receiving OSU’s honorary service CORD. Tree was recognized along with 21 other CORD recipients. Tree graduated with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Tree has served 332 community service hours as an OSU graduate student.  Many of hishours were spent volunteering with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Stillwater Domestic Violence Services, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, Oklahoma State Fair, Alpaca Blastoff, American Association of Ruminant Practioners, and Boy Scouts of America.

“Serving as an OSU student is just an extension of who I am, but OSU has assisted me as I have reached for lofty goals that would be impossible without the service of others around me,” Tree said.

“Thanks to OSU for helping me become who I have dreamed I could be!”

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Jessica Strickland Receives CORD Award

Earlier this week we shared Mika’s CORD story, read Jessica’s here!

Jessica Strickland, Graduate in Human Development & Family Science

Jessica Strickland, recent OSUHuman Development and Family Science graduate and Muskogee resident, received OSU’s honorary service CORD this past spring.

As an undergraduate, Strickland spent most of her service hours with the American Red Cross, OSU Homecoming, Fairview Baptist Church, Relay for Life, Payne County Youth Shelter, City of Stillwater, Children’s Miracle Network, and Up til Dawn.

Strickland is ready to begin a career in the human services field because her service experiences have helped prepare her for the field, she said. She is excited to dedicate even more time to helping others, she said.

As a volunteer, she became more outgoing and confident in interpersonal interactions and public presentations.

“Whether initiating a conversation with an adolescent at PCYS or contacting a donor for the Red Cross, my experiences have greatly increased my communication skills,” she said.

“I cannot express how much I have enjoyed my time at OSU,” Strickland said.

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