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Opportunities to become involved & take advantage of hands-on service for academic credit

International Service-Learning Opportuni

International Service-Learning Opportunity in Lebanon

Please note: Since this is the K-12 S-L listserv, please note that only youth who are 18-30, graduating seniors, university students, or university graduates are eligible. Of course, that means that K-12 teachers and administrators who are 18-30 would be most welcome!

The Learning to CARE Institute in Lebanon is organizing the Heritage Volunteer Program, a very special three week eco-voluntour program (June 25th through July 16th) for youth (18-30) that will give participants an inside view of Lebanon’s social, historical, and environmental heritage. While the program will have a number of features especially designed for youth from Lebanese emigrant communities abroad, it is also open to youth living in Lebanon and youth without any Lebanese heritage. All participants must be entering or current university students or university graduates.

Participants will learn about Lebanese culture and history, gain a better understanding of the Lebanese migration experience, see many different areas of the country, and make their own contribution to Lebanese society. Participants will stay in three different base camps for a week each, and have the chance to get to know the three major geographic and cultural components of Lebanon – the mountains with their traditional villages, the central valley that is the agricultural heartland of Lebanon, and the urban coastline.

This is an ideal program for those who want to complete university service-learning requirements since it incorporates all the elements of quality service-learning: integrated learning, genuine service, collaboration, youth voice, civic responsibility, evaluation, and reflection.While at each base camp, participants will engage in at least 15 hours of structured learning for a total of at least 45 hours for the whole program. There will also be at least 15 hours of volunteering while at each base camp, for a total of at least 45 hours for the program. And from each base camp the group will go on tours of historical, cultural, and natural sites in that area.

For more information see

Patricia Nabti, PhD, CVA
Learning to CARE Institute
Beirut, Lebanon
+961-1-560993 +961-3-757098

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New Foundations Charter School is now recruiting VISTA members for the 2012-2013 year

NFCS is a K-12 public charter school located in the Holmesburg section of Northeast Philadelphia. NFCS was established in 2000 as a k-8 school with a mission to provide students with the academic, social, and emotional foundations and skills necessary to become high achieving, socially competent stewards of their communities. For the past 12 years, NFCS has been making academic strides to become one of the top performing schools within Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania. NFCS is nationally known for it’s strong service learning programs and has been recognized for accomplishments in the areas of healthy living, out of school time, and career development.

NFCS is looking for VISTA members who have a high school diploma, strong communication skills, ability to manage various tasks and work as part of a team, and have experience working with youth. VISTA members at NFCS will specifically focus on:

§ Healthy Living: Includes promoting fresh produce, coordinating nutrition activities, supporting school gardens, and organizing pregnancy and STD prevention activities.

§ College and Career Development: Includes developing a college resource center, coordinating career preparation activities, providing career exploration resources to teachers, and assisting students navigate post-secondary opportunities.

§ Resource Building: Includes developing program partnership, seeking out new program opportunities, writing press releases, and maintaining communication with the school community about important events and happenings.

§ Service Learning: Includes supporting teacher integration of service learning, developing resources on various topics, fostering youth leadership, and creating opportunities for youth service.

Take this chance to join the team at New Foundations Charter School!

Apply to be a VISTA today! (Term of service is August 2012- July 2013)
**VISTA members receive a living allowance, health insurance, child care subsidy, and an education award at the end of their service term.**

For more info, email your resume and cover letter to by Friday, May 11th, 2012

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Upcoming Service-Learning and Volunteer Opportunities

To check the upcoming Service-Learning and Volunteer Opportunities please click here

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How to Help Alabama

Map of USA with Alabama highlighted

Image via Wikipedia

The Higher Education Service-Learning list serv has compiled several ways to start helping Alabama with the tornado tragedy. Below are some ways. Now, go do something!

Compiled ideas are posted here:

You can also “like” the Alabama Poverty Project at or follow us @alabamapossible on twitter for further information.

  • In terms of donations, cash is king!  Donations (clothes, food, etc…) are expensive and difficult to transport, sort, and distribute.  Furthermore, when people give money, it assists in rebuilding.  Cash donations allow money to be spent in local communities.  When outside goods are brought in, it hurts local businesses.
  • National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) is a coalition of organizations that respond to disasters.  They have some great information about how to help after a disaster –
  • If you are looking to volunteer and are not currently affiliated with any organization doing disaster work, I would encourage you to check out the National Relief Network (<>).  They match groups with disaster projects.  In addition to securing work for your group, they arrange housing and meals (which can be very difficult to do if you do not have any relationships in the impacted area).
  • The Alabama Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives also has some great resources on their web page<>.   In addition to assisting local communities manage volunteers, they also have operate the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund, which directly helps residents of Alabama.

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Call for Undergraduate Research Papers

Columbia College is pleased to announce the inaugural issue of its online International Undergraduate Journal for Service-Learning , Leadership, and Social Change.

This is an opportunity for undergraduate students to publish in a referred journal.

The Journal accepts articles that discuss the development of service-learning projects, case studies of a service-learning project, and reflection on service-learning and the development of personal leadership. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduates. 

Please encourage your students to submit.  Detailed information is here: Undergraduate Journal For Service-Learning, Leardership, and Social Change.

For more information contact Ned Scott Laff ( or Joyce Fields (                                      

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Still Time to Apply to IPSL Summer Service Programs

Dear Colleagues:

While Summer Deadlines for IPSL Study Abroad and Service-Learning Programs are fast approaching, we are still accepting applications and there is still space in most of our programs.

If you have students who may be just deciding to experience an international study and volunteer program, have them check out the IPSL website at for all our program details.

Our last deadlines are June 8th for Cusco, Peru and June 10th for Montpellier, France. Guayaquil, Quito, Kolkata, Valladolid and Chiang Mai have earlier deadlines.

There is an easy online application at and best of all, most programs do not require a visa! Summer programs are an ideal way for students to “get their feet wet” in international study and volunteer service without a lengthy time commitment or huge expense. And, it is a great way to practice another language, augment your studies with interesting courses, and gain valuable work skills by volunteering in a non-profit abroad. 

Please let us know if you have students you are currently working with who are planning on doing an IPSL program.

We hope to see many of your students on our programs!
Arianne Newton
Director of Programs
International Partnership for Service Learning & Leadership
1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 606
Portland, OR 97201
ph 503-9541812
fax 503-9541881

filled with great stories from our alumni.

Check out our new IPSL page on Facebook with lots of great photos! Search Facebook for International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership and you will find it. BECOME A FAN!

The mission of the International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership is to engage students, educators, and community members in the union of service and learning, so that all may become more civically engaged, interculturally literate, internationally aware, and responsive to the needs of others.

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High School Student’s Published Portraits of Service Leaders

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, high school senior Nathan Zucker produced Advocates of Service, a series of photos and biographies profiling service leaders in his community.  The series shares the portraits and stories of 18 diverse volunteers in his community – from a high school student who started a modest international non-profit organization, to a senior citizen who organizes mother/daughter math and science nights closer to home. (View the profiles here:

Nathan viewed the service-learning project as an opportunity to improve his photography skills and apply them to improving his community. He worked with adult mentors including his Advanced Photo teacher in the school’s fine arts magnet program and Michael Collopy, a commercial photographer with a humanitarian focus (see Architects of Peace) who taught Nathan tips for creating engaging, personal, and inspirational portraits.

Nathan’s own book, Advocates of Service was the culmination of his year long senior exit project, QUEST.  Through QUEST, students at Irvington High School in Fremont develop a Question, work to Understand it through research, gain Experience by working with a consultant, provide a Service to their community to further understand the issue, then provide both written and oral Testimony. (Every year, each of Irvington’s 400+ seniors complete a QUEST service-learning project on their path toward graduation.)

Working with his teachers, Nathan developed a guiding question for his project:   Why are non-profits in such short supply of volunteers, what are the benefits of volunteering, and how can I inspire others to volunteer? Nathan came to learn that non-profit organizations are facing tremendous challenges addressing the needs of communities during the economic crisis.  He also studied the impacts of the “me” oriented society and pressures on individuals to work and care for their own families.

To address the challenge, Nathan chose to focus on volunteers in his own community.  By showing volunteers of diverse ages, backgrounds, experiences, and service types, Nathan hopes to inspire others to get involved.  Each profile shares the very ordinary motivations that helped people get started doing extraordinary work.

The portraits are on display at the Fremont Main Library during National Volunteer Week and Nathan has also been invited to install his work at the Alameda County Office of Education in celebration of this year’s local Art IS Education initiative: Creating Solutions for the World We Share.

Thank you Nathan Zucker for showing a simple, inspirational way to celebrate volunteers and promote volunteerism in our communities!

Nate Ivy

Service-Learning Regional Lead

Alameda County Office of Education


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