SLVC Ambassadors

The Service-Learning Volunteer Center couldn’t function as well as it does without the support and efforts given by our SLVC Ambassadors. These Ambassadors serve as representatives of the SLVC and OSU. They volunteer at least 10 hours each month throughout the community and actively promote volunteerism through word-of-mouth, programs, publicity and more.

We’re thankful to have each of these students represent OSU through their outstanding commitment to service. Each of our Ambassadors are highlighted below with some of their passions and most memorable volunteering experiences.

For further information about becoming an SLVC Ambassador, e-mail us at or

  • Jarrod Warnock (Sophomore)
  • Carol Abraham (Sophomore)
  • Kathryn Hook
  • Cassandra Rodenbaugh (Sophomore)
  • Kaitlin Krause (Sophomore)
  • Katie McGuire (Junior)
  • Kristin Underwood
  • Alicia Caddy (Freshman)
  • Anuashka Sharma (Graduate)
  • Ashleigh Gerrior (Freshman)
  • Aubrey Mackey (Freshman)
  • Brooke Romine (Freshman)
  • Brookelyn Davidson (Junior)
  • Blake Umberham (Junior)
  • Caleb Shake Garfield (Junior)
  • Cole Burke (Junior)
  • Colten Hall (Sophomore)
  • Colton Cheap (Freshman)
  • Danielle King (Sophomore)
  • David Tarantino (Sophomore)
  • Emily Martin (Freshman)
  • Jaden Boyles (Senior)
  • Jessica Crews (Junior)
  • Julia Sparks (Freshman)
  • Kelsey Thomas (Sophomore)
  • Kyndall Lewis (Sophomore)
  • Madeline dean (Freshman)
  • Michael Gotwald (Freshman)
  • Paige Pasquali (Junior)
  • Randal Hamilton (Sophomore)
  • Ranjini Musuvathy (Freshman)
  • Rosalina Salim (Graduate)
  • Shayna Hilburn (Senior)
  • Whit Oyler (Senior)

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