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Stillwater Area United Way, Inc. Internship Opportunities

The Stillwater Area United Way is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing Stillwater residents with a social safety net.  We raise and allocate funds to 23 other helping agencies in the Stillwater area who help meet needs of our community members in the areas of health, education, and income.  We also partner with these and other agencies to make sure the needs of our residents are being met.  

Internships available

Interns are needed at the United Way to help in a variety of ways.  Job description for internship would include light receptionist work, marketing our services through newsletters, emails, facebook, and website, stuffing and delivering packets during fall campaign, coordinating and placing volunteers through our community Volunteer Center, working with the agencies on needs assessments, writing press releases, and other office duties as needed.

Applicable majors:  HDFS, sociology, marketing, public relations.

Internships are available in the fall, spring, and summer.  All internships are non-paid.

Please contact Sheri Carter, Executive Director, at 377-2161 or at sheri@stillwaterunitedway.org for more information.

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Join the Hunger Cleanup!


Nearly 1 million people lost their homes when the earthquake hit Haiti. Since the disaster, I have been overwhelmed by the immense generosity of people everywhere – but I know our reaction cannot just be about short-term survival. 

It is time to address the extreme poverty in Haiti and the deep and urgent needs of poor people everywhere. 

Through our annual Hunger Cleanup we’re working with students to raise money for the long term rebuilding in Haiti, as well as to combat poverty locally in our communities.   

Find out more and get involved: http://hungercleanup.org 

The Hunger Cleanup, happening April 10th, is one of the largest student-driven days of service in the country. We will raise funds for Oxfam’s Haiti relief work while keeping the spotlight on poverty – in Haiti and in our own communities. Sign up today. 

Don’t see your school listed? Send me an e-mail at Natalie@studentsagainsthunger.org and I’ll add your school to the list of sites. 


Natalie Holtzinger
National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness

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Disaster in Haiti: How You Can Help

*Received from the National Service Briefing – A Message from the Corporation for National & Community Service:*

As we are all too aware, on Tuesday Haiti experienced an earthquake that caused devastation beyond what words and photos can convey.  There is tremendous loss of life, catastrophic damage to most buildings affecting a third of the population, and dire need for food, water and medical care.  Our thoughts are with the people of Haiti and their families and loved ones. 

The United States is mounting an aggressive, comprehensive response to the tragedy, offering civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.  The Corporation is coordinating with the State Department, USAID, FEMA, and other agencies as the U.S. government develops a unified response.

According to the State Department, the best way to help the people of Haiti right now is to give money.  Your donation can save lives.

According to USAID, while monetary donations are preferred to commodity contributions, there may be rare instances when a commodity contribution would be of value to relief operations.

At this time, volunteer opportunities are extremely limited to people with prior disaster experience and technical skills (such as health, engineering, etc). If you have the expertise needed, you can register your skills and experience for a possible volunteer opportunity at the Center for International Disaster Information’s registration page.

Further Resources

*Received from the National Service Briefing*

Fundraise and donate to relief organizations.

How To Raise Money
This tipsheet from Youth Service America contains a list of basic fundraising ideas:


Where To Donate
Serve.gov, the State Department, and USAID, the federal agency coordinating the U.S. federal government response, all recommend donating to the Red Cross.

The United Nations Foundation is calling on its partners and friends to add their support by contributing to the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which is the UN’s humanitarian fund responding to emergencies like the earthquake in Haiti.  Donations can be made on-line at www.unfoundation.org/donate/cerf.html

The Huffington Post, The Clinton Foundation, and Interaction each list dozens of other organizations, including UNICEF, Operation USA, Save the Children, and MercyCorps.

Give Blood
According to the Red Cross Web site, you can be as young as 17 and donate blood. In fact, with your parents’ permission, you can donate blood at the age of 16. The Red Cross is reporting that, while they always encourage blood donations, they are meeting the demands in Haiti with their current supply. But if this event inspires you to give, put that inspiration to good use and pull up your shirt sleeves. To learn more about donor eligibility, or to find a blood bank in your community, visit www.RedCrossBlood.org.

Prepare for the next disaster or emergency.

This disaster is also a reminder about the importance of being prepared and ready to respond to any disaster or emergency, especially one in your own community. Here are a few resources to engage youth in service-learning projects focused on disaster preparedness.

Disaster Relief & Preparedness Through Service-Learning Module
Issue-based module and resource guide designed to engage youth in service-learning initiatives that addresses the issue of disaster relief and preparedness.

Guide to Service Learning for Disaster Preparation
This guide is designed as a resource and reference for anyone who is interested in engaging youth/students in service-learning focused on disaster preparation, response, mitigations, and/or recovery. The first section provides useful background information on service-learning, emergency management, and how to focus youth service-learning in this critical area. The second portion of the guide is a set of detailed descriptions and photographs of 20 of the funded projects in Florida. These descriptions provide contact information, background and details about activities, data on project impacts.

Prepare Today – Lead Tomorrow Teen Toolkit
This toolkit was created to support teen community preparedness service-learning experiences. It provides background information on community preparedness and service-learning and takes teens through the entire process of designing a service-learning project, assessment, and reflection. It also includes over a dozen worksheets and several project ideas.


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Eat Ribs & Support Youths

 Please support Payne County Youth Services and Stillwater’s Rib Crib Restaurant on Wednesday, November 18 from 5:00-10:00 p.m.  as Rib Crib donates 10% of sales  to PCYS!

 Just tell your waiter/waitress that you are dining for PCYS. Bring Your Friends…

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Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue


Kittens in Stillwater and the surrounding areas need help from volunteers. Help these furry creatures out by:

  • Cleaning
  • Working in the re-sale shop
  • Help with adoptions and fundraisers.

Call Director Holly Chapples at 405-612-0071 to pitch in a paw.


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MiniLaps 2009: “It’s a Small World” 2009 Scholarship

September 26, 2009

MiniLaps is a fundraiser designed for The Little Light House, which provides tuition-free education for children with developmental challenges. The Little Light House is staffed with licensed therapists in all specialties and specially-trained teachers in each classroom who plan therapy for each child through strategy sessions involving all of the disciplines. The Little Light House is 100% supported through individual donors.

Attached is a letter detailing the story of Josiah Melton, a little boy whose family is seeking financial support for him to attend the Little Light House.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Little Light House, providing sponsorship, or assisting with fundraising specifically for Josiah Melton, contact Reverend Red Harper at 405-714-8320.

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