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Zachary Aitouddahi Receives Honorary Service CORD

Zachary Aitouddahi, Graduate in Psychology

Service matters at Oklahoma State University. Recent OSU Psychology graduate and Moore resident, Zachary Aitouddahi, was honored for his commitment to community service by receiving OSU’s honorary service CORD. Aitouddahi was recognized along with 21 other CORD recipients.

OSU’s Service-Learning Volunteer Center recognizes outstanding student volunteers by rewarding them with an honorary orange graduation CORD.  Upon graduation, undergraduates who have served 400 hours and graduate students who have served 300 hours of community service will qualify for an honorary orange CORD.

Aitouddahai has served 400 community service hours as an OSU undergraduate.  Many of his hours were spent coordinating the 2009 Black-Out Texas game and building homes with Habitat for Humanity.

His most meaningful service activity as an OSU student was the Black-Out Texas game, from which he learned to work with large-groups of people and act as a liaison between charities and donors.

Regarding this experience, Aitouddahi said, “I am happy that I could prove what one person working with a group of students can do on our campus!”

Next year’s Student Government Association President Ashley Leonard and Vice President Kyle Buthod also worked with Aitouddahi on the Black-Out Texas project. Both plan to qualify for the CORD.


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Group Service Hours: Questions Answered

OSU encourages all groups to record their service hours for not only organizational recognition and awards but also to celebrate what the OSU community as a whole does.

But what do you do if you’re the group service chair and have no idea where to begin?

Here’s your handy dandy guide to recording group service hours. Seven simple steps to success.

  1. Log into CampusLink using your okstate email address & password.
  2. Join the Service-Learning Volunteer Center. (You can just click on the link here to immediately get to the SLVC home page.)
  3. Go to Forms (button on left sidebar).
  4. Click on Group Service Hours.
  5. Fill out the form according to your group’s service activity.
  6. Carefully review your work – does the description clearly describe what your organization did? How did it actually serve others? Do you have a photo that would help OSU promote your group in service?
  7. Submit & await your approval.


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CORD Congratulations!

This announcement is belated, but still needs to be celebrated by the OSU community. Twenty-two OSU graduates qualified for & received OSU’s honorary CORD award. Graduates are listed below with their names hometowns & degrees. For the next few weeks, we’ll feature a graduate & what they had to share about their service experiences while at OSU.

We hope you enjoy learning about these incredible students & are inspired to start serving too!

  • Zachary Aitouddahi (Moore, OK) – Psychology
  • Kaylynne Canady (Perry, OK) –Psychology
  • Loretta Ejakpomewhe (Lagos, Nigeria) – Electrical Engineering,
  • Jeremy French (Fairview, OK) – Marketing
  • Raya Greenbaum (Douglass, KS) – Advertising, Broadcast Production, News-Editorial
  • Brian Hales (Frisco, TX) – Mechanical Engineering
  • Courtney Hargis (Mooreland, OK) – Human Development & Family Sciences
  • Rachel Heick (Ponca City, OK) – Secondary Education
  • Cortney Hicks (Guymon, OK) – College Student Development
  • Nicholas Johnson (Newalla, OK) – Civil Engineering
  • Kyle Klufa (Pilot Point, TX) – Mechanical Engineering
  • Justin Lollman (Waukomis, OK) – Political Science
  • Rachel Mattox (Yukon, OK) – Early Childhood Education
  • Phyllis McLemore (Muskogee, OK) – Journalism & Broadcasting
  • Nash McQuarters (Tulsa, OK) – Sociology
  • Chelsea Muncil (Sugar Land, TX) – Marketing
  • Zach Rowell (Elgin, OK) – Physical Education
  • Chelsea Skidgel (Pawnee, OK) –Business
  • Mika Starbuck (Elk City, OK) – Hotel Restaurant and Administration
  • Jessica Strickland (Muskogee, OK) – Human Development & Family Science
  • Laurel Tegland Tree (Akron, OH) – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


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SLVC Ambassador Photos

Photos of our Ambassadors in service are posted on our Facebook page (you can go there by clicking on the right hand side of the blog, toward the top). Here’s a snapshot of our wonderful ambassadors. By the way, not all of them are present.

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Ambassador Deadline Extended

Applications are now due by 5 p.m. next Wednesday, Sept. 8, to 008 CLB or c.hicks@okstate.edu

Download the 10-11 Ambassador Application.

Got questions? Give us a call at 405-744-5145 or e-mail us at c.hicks@okstate.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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CORD Recipients: Spring 2010

The SLVC is proud to announce that the following 23 individuals qualified and received CORDs for their outstanding commitments to service. Way to go!

  • Abbie Tripp, Ringling, OK: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology
  • Alyssa Emory, Bells, TX: Bachelor of Science in Physiology
  • Bubba Gaeddert, Oklahoma City, OK: Bachelor of Science in Leisure Studies Management with a focus in Event Planning, Programming & Grant Writing
  • Carrie Marie Highfill, Enid, OK: Bachelor of Science in Food Science Industry with minors in Agricultural Economics and Animal Science
  • Elizabeth Fenner, Katy, TX: Bachelor of Science in Finance, Minor in Accounting
  • Emmy Wortham: Bachelors in Human Environmental Sciences
  • Graeme Collett, Hastings, NE: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Hannah Ambrose, Tulsa, OK: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Jason Lee Hua Yang, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia: Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance
  • Kristin Kerce, Edmond, OK: Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
  • Kyrstan Langer, Huntingburg, IN: Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Elective in Studies in Business
  • Latasha Ellis-Cobb, Oklahoma City, OK: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
  • Lindy Barton
  • Margaret Kelley, Kansas City, MO: Master’s in Business Administration
  • Makenzie Hinkle, Tulsa, OK: Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science with an Option in Allied Health
  • Malisa Sirucek, Flower Mound, TX: Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing
  • Maverick Woodbridge, Wellington, KS: Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Biological Sciences
  • Phanitsuda Atipan, Bangkok, Thailand: Master of Science in Natural and Applied Science-Aviation and Space, emphasis on Airport Management
  • Rachel LeGrand: Bachelor’s in Business Management
  • Robert Nelson, Watonga, OK: Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Scott Neill: Bachelor’s in Marketing & Finance
  • Takeshi Okuda, Atlanta, GA: Masters of Business Administration
  • Tanya M. Hudgins, Hudgins, OK: Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies

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