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Salvation Army Needs Volunteers


Salvation Army will be giving  50 Food Baskets to families the Tues. and Wed. before Thanksgiving and could use donations disposable food such as bread. 

They will give out Holiday Gift/Food baskets on Dec. 20th as well and could use donations

Call Sgt. Rick Daniels to help out – 372-1554. 



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Walking Distance Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is great, but if you don’t have a car and live on-campus it may seem that you have few options. Where can you volunteer that’s nearby and within walking distance?

Contact the staff at the sites listed below to get involved.

Raise funds to support the American Cancer Society in research.  Check out the page above to find out how you can form a team, fundraise, recruit, and more!

Take the online orientation to learn how to help out others during or after a disaster. Learn more about the Red Cross at the Web site, then decide if you want to get involved or not. You don’t have to go to the physical building first.

Call to get involved with a few of these programs: adult programming,youth and family programming, academic programming, lending programs, English classes, referral services, and more.

  • Legal Aid: 312 S. Duck (near intersection of 3rd Street & Duck)

Help with clerical work and shadow for legal awareness.

  • Life Adult Day Center: 411 W. Matthews (in the First Christian Church near Gallagher-Iba Arena) NOT RELIGIOUSLY AFFILIATED.

Help with daily activities – meals, games, crafts, etc.

Talk with the attendees. Listen to them. They’ll love to hear your perspective on life and to share theirs.

Perform a skit for them, play an instrument, teach them a game…. have fun with them.

Mobile volunteers direct donors through the donating process from signing in, to the canteen area. Volunteers also explain and track the current promotions, pre-sign donors for their next blood drive and let donors know when they are eligible to donate again. OBI Volunteers are a necessary part of our ongoing life saving process. Get to know your community, help save lives and have fun doing so. Please join our group; call 405-297-5814 or email jdavis@obi.org.

Garden Volunteer – A program designed for individuals who wish to support the OSU Botanical Garden and special events with their talents but currently have limited time resources. Orientation is required before volunteer service can begin.

Volunteer to coach a kids’ sports team! Fill out the volunteer application to begin now.

Become a literacy volunteer and experience the joy of helping others. Tutoring an hour a week can make a difference for someone who needs Reading or English skills. Free training, materials and support are provided for tutors. Call or email the Stillwater Literacy Council today.

Tutor Training will be in September and October. Conducted by Daniel Devers, certified tutor trainer through ODL.


Arlene Devers
Executive Director
Stillwater Literacy Council

Stillwater Public Library
SLC Office, Room 102

Room 102

  • St. Andrew’s Thrift Store: 504 W. Third (Near Hideaway Pizza, same side of the Street as Chris’s University Spirit Store and right across from the Coffee House)

Volunteers can contribute as little as being a substitute volunteer on an “as needed” bases, to volunteering from one to several days a week or month.  Or they may find a particular talent or skill they enjoy doing at the Thrift Shop, such as at the sales counter, working on or displaying the merchandise, or helping the customers.


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One Time, One Day Help Needed at Karman Korner

Karman Korner needs help Saturday, Oct. 2 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

They will be closed to expand their Christmas Corner of the store.

Boxes need to be taken down from upstairs, items sorted and other odd jobs need a helper.

If you, or someone else on your e-mail list, a church youth group perhaps, could come by the front door and help out, that would be great; an hour is al you have that’s okay too. Someone will be there answering the phone if you have any questions. Call 377-6410.

Map to Karman Korner here.

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Volunteer Training for Judith Karman Hospice

On Tuesday, February 23, at 4:30 p.m. Judith Karman Hospice will begin training volunteers.

Volunteers will be trained to work in companionship, caregiver respite, administrative services, bereavement assistance, and in the Karman Korner Resale Shop.

For more information, please call Valerie at (405) 377-8012.

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Scrambling for Service Hours

You have service hours that you must complete by the end of the semester, which actually means you only have 11 days.


So, what can you do to get the job done?

1) Skim the list below.

2) Call the organizations as soon as possible to start volunteering.

3) Simply tell them that you’re an OSU student looking for volunteer hours and that you’d really like to lend a hand. They’ll love to hear from you!

Service Hour Possibilities

  • Walk dogs – Humane Society. Check out a dog for a couple hours, walk it around the park, campus, wherever. Call the Humane Society at 405-377-1701 or drop by 1710 S. Main to get involved.
  • Sponsor a kid’s Christmas – Mitten Tree & Cowboy Angel Tree. It costs money, but you can make someone’s Christmas special with a few gifts. (Shopping counts as hours).
  • Donate food  – Mission of Hope & Domestic Violence Services. Both places always need donations and help around their offices. Call them up to get involved.
  • Shop help – St. Andrew’s Thrift Shop, Karman Korner, & Elite Repeat. Each of these thrift shops need help sorting, arranging and cleaning items, especially during this season. Click on the links included above for contact information. Call Elite Repeat at 405-377-4462 or drop by at 711 S. Main

More ideas coming soon! E-mail me at cortney.k.hicks@okstate.edu if you’re having problems.

Have fun serving!

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Karman Korner Needs Shop Help

Karman Korner is looking for volunteers to help in the shop. Duties include cleaning up and organizing donations, arranging displays, answering customers’ questions, and tending to other shop-related needs.

To volunteer at the shop, call Karman Korner at 405-377-6410 and ask for Whitney Johnson, the store manager or drop by the store to fill out a volunteer application. (Directions to the store found here. The address is 819 S. Main.)

If volunteers are more interested in serving the hospice, they can call the hospice at 405-377-8012 and ask for the volunteer coordinator.

What Judith Karman Hospice, Inc. Does…

Sales from Karman Korner benefits Judith Karman Hospice,  Inc., a non-profit, community-based hospice. The hospice provides the following services:

  • Visits from registered nurses
  • Home Health Aids
  • Nurse on call, 24/7
  • Medical supplies, equipment & prescriptions related to the terminal diagnosis
  • Social services & spiritual counseling
  • Bereavement support
  • Trained volunteers
  • Continuous care for patient when deemed necessary by hospice personnel
  • Inpatient services if necessary
  • Respite care
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Speech, occupational & physical therapy
  • Community-wide grief support groups & workshops


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Magical Mystery Tour: Birth Choice

On our November Magical Mystery Tour we visited Birth Choice and the Life Adult Day Care Center.

New director, Sandrel Jones-Webster, shared with us how Birth Choice strives to assist pregnant women with the means and opportunity to choose life. According to Birth Choice publications, the organization responds to the needs of pregnant women to become self-sufficient and positively contribute to society.

What Birth Choice Does

Birth Choice serves as a resource center for pregnant women for a variety of services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Complimentary pregnancy tests.
  • Complimentary Limited Ultrasounds.
  • Prenatal Assessments.
  • Prenatal vitamins.
  • Access to medical care.
  • Maternity & infant clothing as available.
  • Counseling & referrals when needed.
  • Community service coordination.
  • Transportation assistance.
  • Housing through Rose Home.
  • On-staff Hispanic translator.
  • Abstinence education.
  • Parenting education.
  • Post-abortion counseling.

Interested in volunteering?

Birth Choice is primarily staffed by volunteers. Volunteers must meet two primary requirements:

  1. Must be totally, unequivocally pro-life.
  2. Must be non-judgmental.

Potential volunteers first sign-up for a 3 hour introductory informational session. Sessions are offered periodically throughout the year on an as needed basis. During the session, volunteers are informed about Birth choice and various ways to volunteer with the organization.

Then the volunteer is asked to decide where and in what way they would like to volunteer. Opportunities include:

  • Working directly with women who need our services
  • Helping with physical needs
  • Providing transportation
  • Providing clerical support
  • Answering telephones
  • Working with special fundraising events

To get involved, drop by the office (1309 S. Husband Place), call 405-377-5683. Tell the person you meet or call that you want to get involved and they’ll get you started!

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