Who You’ll Meet

We’re currently in 211G Student Union.

JoyceJoyce Montgomery – Coordinator

Ph.D. Student in Agricultural Education, Master’s in Occupational & Adult Education, B.S. in Sociology

I first got involved in volunteerism as a candy striper at the Ponca City Medical Center delivering magazines and treats to patients. I have volunteered with youth during my career as a volunteer coordinator and found them to be inquisitive about the world around them and generous in helping others. Working as a volunteer for Junior Achievement I heard about their hopes for communities in the future and what they wanted to do to help make that happen through individual career choices.

I love my job because it brings out the best in people. When we choose voluntarily it is a win-win situation and there are so many choices in life. College students have so many talents, some they are not yet aware of , it is the discovery of self that is a great motivator for all of us.

I hope to continue to serve the public, to enrich my life and others through acts of kindness and to develop a keen sense of intellect. Working in a university environment opens the door to creativity and the path to action to make a difference in the world that can become a lasting change for building positive environments.

Can be reached at 405-744-5145, jmont@okstate.edu or 211G Student Union.

SunilSunil Kumar Lakkakula – Graduate Assistant

Ph.D Student in Electrical Engineering, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering.

I got my Masters degree from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK and Bachelor of Technology degree from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India, so now you know that I am from India and staying very far from home! I want to be able to serve Oklahoma State University and at the same time feel more connected with the community I live in.

I really like Stillwater and the Stillwater community, and I look forward to helping you find the best service opportunities!

Don’t hesitate to e-mail, or come by with a question!

Can be reached at sunilkumar.lakkakula@okstate.edu or 211 Student Union.

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