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SIFE USA Program Manager opening

SIFE USA currently has a Program Manager position available.  This position will be responsible for day-to-day program implementation of the SIFE USA Program in a US territory and requires extensive travel.

A brief overview of the position is below.  Please visit www.sifeusa.org for a complete description.

  • Manage, evaluate, and foster the progress of active SIFE teams on 80-130 campuses and participate in face-to-face, on-campus training programs, along with other communications and initiatives as needed, to help SIFE teams and faculty to continuously improve the quality of their program.
  • Increase the number of active SIFE students within the assigned geographic region.
  • Interface with university deans, administrators, and other leaders as needed to support local SIFE teams.
  • Prepare periodic status reports of campus visits and key statistical data.
  • Manage SIFE team competitions as assigned.
  • Identify prospective college and university participants and implement a recruitment strategy to gain support for starting a SIFE team from the administrators, faculty and students at these institutions.
  • Manage territory travel budget.
  • Prepares annual report summary on territory activities.
  • Position is a full-time traveling role.

Key Characteristics and Experience:

  • Passion for and understanding of SIFE; participated in some aspect of SIFE.
  • Results-driven individual able to give evidence of establishing goals, planning and follow-up skills, and achieving goals.
  • Willingness to work from the SIFE USA office in the SIFE World Headquarters located in Springfield, MO.

Qualified candidates should apply by sending cover letter, resume and salary expectations tohr@sife.org


Brittany Dennis

Brittany Dennis | Director | SIFE USA Programs |

SIFE World Headquarters | 1959 East Kerr Street, Springfield, MO 65803 |

+1 417.575.3535 Direct | +1 417.459.8579 Cell |  bdennis@sife.org |

A head for business. A heart for the world. | www.sifeusa.org |

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Cortney Hicks Receives CORD Award

We shared Justin’s CORD story earlier this week, read Cortney’s story below!

Cortney Hicks, graduate in Educational Leadership Studies: College Student Development

Recent OSU graduate and Stillwater resident, Cortney Hicks, received the OSU CORD this past spring. She graduated with a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership Studies with an emphasis in College Student Development.

Hicks has served 450 community service hours as an OSU graduate student. Many of her hours were spent volunteering with the Stillwater Church of Christ, Service-Learning Volunteer Center Ambassadors, OSU Communications Networking Expo, and the Stillwater Family YMCA Operation Weight Loss program.

Hicks said that she was most proud of the outcomes that have resulted from her involvement and coordination with the local YMCA and OSU Expo.

“It’s impressive what a small group of people can accomplish if they’re passionate and dedicated. Both of these programs have become sustainable programs that I hope will continue to positively influence others for a long time to come.”

Her experiences at OSU have positively impacted her personal growth in empathy, communication skills, time management, leadership skills, and understanding of others, she said. Hicks advised her fellow and future students to start serving.

“OSU offers students numerous opportunities to get connected, start serving and become leaders,” she said.

“College life is an adventure – get on the right path by seeking service opportunities and challenges. Eventually, you’ll realize that you’re becoming the person you always hoped you would be.”

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Chelsea Muncil Receives CORD Award

Earlier this week, we shared Laurel’s CORD story. Read Chelsea’s story here!

Chelsea Muncil, Graduate in Marketing

Chelsea Muncil, recent OSU Marketing graduate and Sugar Land, TX, resident, received the CORD this past spring.

Muncil has served 409 community service hours as an OSU undergraduate.  Many of her hours were spent with Relay for Life, Up Til Dawn, Payne County Youth Shelter, Children’s Miracle Network, Stillwater Humane Society, EbenGroup, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Her experiences with each of these organizations helped her gain awareness about the world around her and improve her time management, communication and leadership skills.

OSU provides students with multiple ways to participate in events and activities, she said.

“Serving helps build character and responsibility throughout college,” Muncil said.

“I am proud to wear orange to any event in which I am serving.”

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Laurel Tegland Tree Receives CORD Award

Laurel Tegland Tree, Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine

Recent OSU graduate and Akron resident, Laurel Tegland Tree, was honored for her commitment to community service by receiving OSU’s honorary service CORD. Tree was recognized along with 21 other CORD recipients. Tree graduated with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Tree has served 332 community service hours as an OSU graduate student.  Many of hishours were spent volunteering with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Stillwater Domestic Violence Services, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, Oklahoma State Fair, Alpaca Blastoff, American Association of Ruminant Practioners, and Boy Scouts of America.

“Serving as an OSU student is just an extension of who I am, but OSU has assisted me as I have reached for lofty goals that would be impossible without the service of others around me,” Tree said.

“Thanks to OSU for helping me become who I have dreamed I could be!”

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Jessica Strickland Receives CORD Award

Earlier this week we shared Mika’s CORD story, read Jessica’s here!

Jessica Strickland, Graduate in Human Development & Family Science

Jessica Strickland, recent OSUHuman Development and Family Science graduate and Muskogee resident, received OSU’s honorary service CORD this past spring.

As an undergraduate, Strickland spent most of her service hours with the American Red Cross, OSU Homecoming, Fairview Baptist Church, Relay for Life, Payne County Youth Shelter, City of Stillwater, Children’s Miracle Network, and Up til Dawn.

Strickland is ready to begin a career in the human services field because her service experiences have helped prepare her for the field, she said. She is excited to dedicate even more time to helping others, she said.

As a volunteer, she became more outgoing and confident in interpersonal interactions and public presentations.

“Whether initiating a conversation with an adolescent at PCYS or contacting a donor for the Red Cross, my experiences have greatly increased my communication skills,” she said.

“I cannot express how much I have enjoyed my time at OSU,” Strickland said.

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Mika Starbuck Receives CORD Award

This week we’re sharing CORD stories from Mika and Jessica. Read Mika’s below!

Mika Starbuck, Graduate in Hotel & Restaurant Administration

Recent OSU Hotel and Restaurant Administrationgraduate and Elk City resident, Mika Starbuck, received the CORD this spring. Starbuck has served 565 community service hours as an OSU undergraduate.  Many of her hours were spent serving as the co-director of Performers on the Rise, which focused on helping autistic children.

Her service experiences helped her gain an understanding of what helping others looks like, how it makes those served feel, and satisfaction in her work, she said.

“I began to become thankful for such humbling experiences that allowed me to see that serving others changes attitudes, perspectives, can really make a difference in not only others’ lives, but in my life as well,” Starbuck said.

Starbuck plans to continue to volunteer throughout the rest of her life, because engaging in community service is a way of life, she said.

“Some of my service memories are my favorite ones of being at OSU.”

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Chelsea Skidgel Receives CORD Award

Earlier this week we shared Zach’s CORD story, read Chelsea’s story below!

Chelsea Skidgel, Graduate in Business

Recent OSU Business graduate and Pawnee resident, Chelsea Skidgel,received OSU’s honorary service CORD. Many of Skidgel’s service hours were spent volunteering with a local youth group through hosting dinners, assisting with a Valentine’s Day Banquet, remodeling the youth room, and supervising youth in service projects.

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